Google Cloud Interconnect

Establish dedicated private connectivity to Google Cloud with Google Cloud Interconnect


Google Cloud Inteconnect

Establish Secure and Ultra-Fast Links to Google Cloud’s Network

If your organization requires the highest levels of performance and security, you can access Google Cloud via a private connection out of phoenixNAP’s data center in Phoenix. Google Cloud Interconnect lets you establish direct physical connections between your on-premises network and Google Cloud.

Transfer your data to Google Cloud quickly and securely using a dedicated connection to Google Cloud’s network out of phoenixNAP’s data center. With Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI), you can easily link your on-premises services to Google Cloud for improved performance, data protection, and availability.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Dedicated access to Google Cloud’s network provides you with advanced data protection.


Low Latency

Transfer large amounts of data fast with connections of 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps.


Consistent Performance

Ensure uninterrupted network performance with advanced connection speeds.


“phoenixNAP continually impresses us by being outstanding in every regard. The network is rock-solid, and the facilities are secure, clean and attractive. Their product offerings are diverse, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable – ideal for tailoring solutions to every situation we’ve encountered.”

– Scott Barclay, President, Main Advantage Technology Services

What is Google Cloud Interconnect?

Google Cloud Interconnect lets you establish a secure, direct physical link to Google Cloud services. The service enables you to improve your data transfer speeds while enjoying consistent performance, even when transferring large files. Optimize bandwidth use while saving on your bandwidth costs.

Google Cloud Diagram

Accessing Google Cloud Interconnect through phoenixNAP infrastructure lets you:.

  • Set up multiple connections to Google Cloud from your on-prem environment.
  • Transfer data between your on-premises network to Google Cloud’s network for advanced security.
  • Leverage the 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps network connections to ensure consistent performance.
  • Save on bandwidth and outbound traffic between your on-premises infrastructure and Google Cloud resources.
  • Increase uptime and network reliability.
  • Integrate Google Cloud services via API for simple service management.

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth beginner’s guide on GCI.


phoenixNAP Data Center Network

Our 160,000 sq. ft. Phoenix data center is home to more than 40 network, telecom, and bandwidth carriers interconnecting through our carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Room. As such, it is an interconnectivity hub in the Southwest region that lets you access major domestic and global networks.

Ensure global reach and improved presence in strategic global locations to meet your connectivity needs while optimizing your infrastructure costs. With multiple 10 Gbps transit connections and 6.3+ Tbps of connectivity between our global locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific.


Enjoy Premium Colocation Services with phoenixNAP

phoenixNAP’s data center is located at the intersection of two major fiber routes in the city, ensuring excellent connectivity. Located in a disaster-free area and close to major metropolitan areas, the 160,000 sq. ft. building follows international data center standards, providing you with complete security and redundancy. The diversity of solutions available, including colocation, hardware-as-a-service, backup and disaster recovery, private and hybrid cloud options, and secure cloud solutions, make phoenixNAP a strategic partner for any company looking to grow its business.

Use phoenixNAP’s Google Cloud On-Ramp for:

Hybrid Environments

Hybrid Environments

Establish a reliable connection between your on-prem infrastructure and cloud resources.

Traffic-Heavy Applications

Traffic-Heavy Applications

Leverage connection speeds of 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps to support your most latency-critical applications.

Sensitive Workloads

Sensitive Workloads

Circumvent the public Internet using a dedicated physical connection for your compliance workloads.

Build your fast, reliable link to Google Cloud with phoenixNAP.